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The goal of the Elderly Nutrition Program is to provide nutritionally balanced meals to those who are 60 years of age or older. With the high cost of utilities, prescriptions, and medical needs while on a fixed income, senior citizens sometimes face the agonizing choice of either paying the necessary living items or purchasing food. 

 When many seniors are already at an increased health risk, nutrition is of the utmost concern to help reduce colds and illnesses. The meals furnished through the Elderly Nutrition Program provide one-third the daily recommended nutritional requirements.  The Elderly Nutrition Program offers a variety of meal and lifestyle 

 Menus are printed monthly for viewing.  A few choices in the selection of your foods can be made.  If you are on a Diabetic Diet or on a No Added Salt (4 g. Sodium) Diet, you can select to receive a low salt entree or a no concentrated sweet dessert and also we provided transportation to the senior meal program. 

 Seniors may receive ADA bus cards to use for transportation to the meal sites. Nutrition Education is offered at the senior program.  Up-to-date nutrition information is provided to the seniors in fun and exciting ways. Other health screenings, counseling, fitness, and fun programs are also offered at many of the programs.

 The program improves the seniors’ social interactions and helps the stay active.  Most of our senior clients have very limited English skills and no or very limited literacy in their own language.  It causes seniors not being informed of any legislative updates and news. Our senior program provides these necessary information to seniors, who would otherwise not get the information.

If any seniors want to be part this program and unable to provide your own transportation, please call our center and transportation will arrangements for you.

Last year 2016 we served 1,625 seniors  
Every Wednesday Somali Community Center
8810 Renton Ave South Seattle
Meal time 10AM. 2PM
More information please call Sahra at 206 422-707


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