Services we provide:

Our organization have been providing case management and referrals for newly arrived refugees, onsite shelter interpretations for homeless families with limited English skills, environmental education for youths and adults, senior nutrition program, after school tutoring program, Youth and Sports program, and Somali Youth Leaders program. In the past, we have provided refugee parent education class, ESL class, health education class, single mothers’ support group, and mother and daughter sisterhood group. The age range of clients we serve is between 7 and 90plus. Our agency serves grade school children ages 7 to 18, adults, and seniors. The youth cultural program and the youth sports program serve youths between ages 15 and 25.

Organizational Description

The purpose of the organization is to: Assist community members in obtaining information necessary to become self-sufficient and improve the overall quality of life. Help African refugee children growing up in the US to re-learn and sustain their ethnic heritage and identity and promote healthy emotional growth. Advocate improvement of living environment for the community. Bring the community together and strengthen the community ties through cultural fairs and education. The agency’s facility is located in the Rainier Beach area where majority of East African refugees reside.  The agency is open six (6) days per week and accepts walk-in clients.  Free hot coffee available during business hours.


The Somali Community Services of Seattle’s (SCSS) mission is to work for the success of refugees in assuring a smooth transitional process, and attaining a self-sustainable status in their new country. Somali Community Services of Seattle serves East African refugees through a variety of services including case management and referrals, children and youth programs, senior program, and educational courses and workshops such as refugee parent education, computer classes, social justice leadership training, and natural environment conservation.



8810 Renton Ave South Seattle, WA 98118

Tel: (206) 760-1181 or (206) 422-7074



SCSS youth 

  • Basic environmental education
    ​Organize, recruit and facilitate natural-environmental information workshops
    After school tutoring for school age children The need to help a child develop language skills and to help them improve their academic achievement and are indispensable to the future of the children 
    Our after school tutoring program has the following advantages: culturally appropriate study environment Bilingual staffs in Somali and English Emphasis on academic success
    Parents are welcomed to participate in the program with their children Substantial changes in the students; academic performance Building students’ confidence


A group of Somali refugees who resettled in the US in 1990s came together to form an organization to assist newly arrived Somali refugees in cultural and a language competent manner.  The organization was established in 1995 and started offering basic case management and assistance services.  It was incorporated as a nonprofit organization on September 18, 1996.  Since then, the organization has expanded its resources and services.  In 2000, the organization started serving.  Today, the agency serves other refugees.

Senior nutrition program, Senior activity program, oriental culture gives the utmost relevance to the seniors.  Seniors are looked at differently in their new homes; the social structure and family relations are dramatically changing mainly with the younger generations who are learning the mainstream culture.  Seniors hardly know what is happening with their children and grand children. SCSS role is to find room for the seniors where they can feel admired, socialize, and have their nutrition programs, continue. These programs keep them vibrant and contributive to the community. 

SCSS youth Art