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Tel: (206) 760-1181 or (206) 422-7074


       SOMALI THEATER ARTS REVELERS                                           (STAR) 2017

Thank you for all the hard work, our youth organizers are using media framing community stories, and conducting

The youth believes in the importance of working with other kids institutions. We have been working with the City of Seattle NMF project that connects the Seattle Police Department and Somali families and reducing crime and discrimination in the Rainier Valley area and building understanding between Somali immigrant

On Nov 5, 2017 last day show came 210 people and it was great show our youth did and community and their parent was loved it and that was great improvement for our youth and we could not do without Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund this is very important project

(NMF) Thank you so much for your great support 


         Parent and Somali Youth Safety Workshop                                          (PASYSW) 2017

Thank you much for the entire team who put this workshop together. The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Somali Community Services of Seattle, Seattle Police department, Seattle Public School and CAIR Washington, all volunteer and our parents.

The total that participants this project was 181 people include our 4 staff and 11, volunteer, we enrolled 35 and 20 parent.

The last workshop we see 58 more families want to be a part and now they watting for our next training of this project, 20 youth, 16 children, 12 parent, 6 trainers and also 112 attend the last day celebration! well done

Thank you Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Who funded this project 2017

SCSS youth